How To Start A Podcast

We love hearing from aspiring podcasters! Below is a list of some of the equipment and services we use and love. Not sure you’re up for doing this on your own? We are also actively seeking new talent to join our podcast network. If you’re interested in possibly working with us, scroll to the bottom and fill out the form. We’ll be in touch!

Hosting and Stats: 

  • We use Blubrry for hosting and top-notch podcast statistics, as well as their free podcasting plugin, PowerPress. Click here to try Blubrry for a month – FREE.



  • We record using CleanFeed – radio-quality sound, multiple party recording for interviews (free)
  • Another option: Skype + Piezo (for Mac, around $20) or Skype + MP3 Skype Recorder (for PC, free)

Want to learn more about joining the Life, Listened network? Fill out the form below and click “submit.” We’ll respond as soon as we can!