Dressing Your Age (Is There Such A Thing?) – The Style Hour Episode 1


In this episode Shana and Meagan discuss jumpsuits and rompers, swimsuit styles that really flatter a mom body (Shana’s opinion? Show them cheeks. Her husband Mike agrees), and the return of styles that were big when 30-somethings were adolescents. Yes, that includes overalls.

Meagan cops to considering this Modcloth jumpsuit. Shana says “mehhh…” to the print on that one, but “yay!” to this sexy, bright number and this sleek black jumpsuit with cutouts. She also claims that skinny-leg overalls are totally flattering and not too “Lisa Left-Eye Lopez” 90s. What do you think?

All in all, they spend a lot of time in this episode talking about Meagan’s butt, and at one point Meagan has to take her pants off mid-episode to check the label. But really, this one’s all about dressing gracefully and stylishly as you get older – while still looking like YOU. Enjoy!




  1. Hi guys! I love this ideas and I can’t wait to hear more of your new podcasts. Meaghan and Shana, it seems like you have a lot of fun bouncing ideas off of each other. It gives me lots to think about and I certainly need help to update my wardrobe! My one request at this point would be Meaghan, please let Shana answer your questions and don’t jump in so fast with what you think she’s going to say! You’ve asked her on as your expert – let her expertise shine!

    Looking forward to episode 2!

  2. LOL!! Thanks, Valerie! Hear that, Meagan? Stop interrupting! 😉

  3. Hi, Ladies! I love the first episode, and I’m so happy you’re doing this! Style and fashion are one of my “guilty pleasures” that I don’t indulge in often enough. I’m really inspired by this episode, because I realize that at 41, I’ve started that questioning about “Is this too young for me?” This age is a really weird time. And aging in general is a weird thing. Because I’m still me, you know? 🙂 I’m sure I’ll have some questions for you. Hooray! Yay for the new podcast.

    • YES. I totally get this. It is a weird time, isn’t it? Because I feel more like….myself than I ever have, but I still think my age should start with a 2….WHICH IT DOES NOT. It’s been both amazing and humbling.

  4. This was so much fun to listen to! I was listening on an airplane, laughing out loud! My favorite was the part when M asked S about the name of “the part of the leg where it bends.” “Uh, the KNEE?” Hahaha! Keep it coming ladies! I can’t wait to hear episode 2 on our return flight tomorrow!

  5. I want to know which VS swimsuit you ended up keeping?!

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