It’s Time For Summer Dresses! The Style Hour Episode 2


An easy little sundress is Meagan’s summer uniform, but she’s got some questions for Shana today: what dress styles are in (and which are getting tired?) What’s the most flattering cut for a mom’s body? How to jazz up a simple dress to take it beyond the beach? As usual, Shana’s got answers! Listen on for tips to inspire your summer dress collection (and beyond.)

Picks from today’s show:

Other malarky from the show:

Ladies, take it from 13-year-old Meagan: there are good rompers and bad rompers. (But Meagan did manage to find a good one at Target! In 2015, not 1990.)

photo (54)

How NOT to wear a romper. Unless it’s 1990.


  1. I have so much fun with your growing-up fashion references, as I must be the same age as you. It recently hit me that I had several rompers back then and really liked them. I have not been real keen on the new ones – but I may need to give them a second look. I am also at the must-cut-my-hair-shorter stage. All the hair on my head is driving me nuts right now. I’d like to add to the comfort end of the day uniform; comfy pants, comfy or no bra, hair must not be touching my face or neck at all. Looking forward to more episodes! 🙂

    • Jessica, so glad you’re having fun listening! Thank you for the comment – we’ll be sure to keep those growing-up-fashion comments coming 🙂

  2. For the record: Hi-Low dresses and skirts = Mullet. I personally love them but friends of mine that hate them call them mullet dresses!

    • LOL – I guess it depends on how you feel about mullets in general, eh? I sort of like the idea of a dress that’s business in the front, party in the rear…ha!

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