Summer Looks For Guys: The Style Hour, Episode 5

From slim shorts to man-jewelry, Shana and Meagan discuss updating your guy’s style in honor of Father’s Day.

Here are Shana’s picks for guys this summer:




For more options, The Mom Edit has a Men’s Shop – and be sure to check out their Father’s Day Gift Guide!


  1. Yes. Ok I’m only a few minutes into the podcast. But I’m married to an engineer who wears Polo and khakis Every. Day. And thinks it’s dressing up when he wears a short sleeve dress shirt. And then changes into windbreaker gym pants and tshirts to be comfortable. Too many years as a highschool/ college athlete I guess. He’s super handsome and stellar obviously. 😉 But a patterned Polo is about as risky as I can convince him to be. Oh and the plaid shorts he was sure were too weird? He gets complimented on them every time. He’s beginning to believe me when I tell him something is cool. 😉 I guess all things considered I’d rather him stay stellar and fabulous and a great husband and dad and just not worry so much about the cool factor. 😉

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