Leggings ARE Pants (and How to Wear Them Now) Plus, Makeup Basics: The Style Hour, Episode 7

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Oh, leggings. Perhaps no trend has inspired as much controversy of late as these stretchy, comfy, versatile and increasingly stylish pants which, Meagan and Shana agree, ARE DEFINITELY PANTS. In episode 7 of The Style Hour, Shana and Meagan discuss those ever-evolving legging – what’s new, what’s hot now, how to wear them and what to pair them with – plus, Shana’s sister Scotti, a makeup artist and contributor at The Mom Edit, discusses makeup basics from foundation to primer to BB/CC cream to concealer and more. Listen now or scroll down for links and a video tutorial from Scotti!

what to wear with leggings

Links Meagan and Shana mentioned in Episode 7

Scotti’s Foundation/Primer/Concealer Picks:

Urban Decay Naked Foundation

Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics

Makeup Tutorial:

Check out Scotti’s video on how to create instant cheekbones with contouring!


  1. I’m all about the leggings! I’m 30 with 4 kids, but I look like a college student. If I’m out I don’t want to look so young, I think the best way to wear them for me is to try to look like more polished, wearing more trendy styles with other more classic pieces. Or wearing leggings with a bit more mature texture/patterns (not like galaxy, or donuts, or what have you) or tuxedo style or paneled, I definitely have to try the black faux leather. Bottom coverage with leggings is totally a personal preference, I vote longer for tops that have at least some coverage of the bum and crotch.
    Thanks for the fun topic!

  2. Welcome back! Missed you so much- I was so excited to see a new podcast, I listened to it during my run! I’m not sold on leggings as pants, but I think you converted me… Love the faux leather and sequins ones. Thanks ladies!

  3. Welcome back, you two! Love it!

  4. Thank you for returning! I’ve missed you! I didn’t realize it before you disappeared but I need The Style Hour to bring me some normal fashion advice. Everyone else I follow talks about kids, organizing or tech which means I’m a bit lost in the world of fashion. I’ve learned so much from this show. (And I really liked the make up advice as well!) Welcome back!!!

  5. Welcome back. Keep them coming Ladies!

  6. So glad you’re back!! I just checked out Fabletics and leggings in tall sizes!! This has made my day!

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