Pregnancy & Birth, in Hindsight: The Mom Hour, Episode 38

One hospital birth. Two home births. Two birthing center deliveries. Three scheduled cesarean sections. Meagan and Sarah have had eight pregnancies between them (now eight kids ages 3-18!) and about as wide a cross-section of birth experiences as you can get. In Episode 38, at the request of several pregnant listeners, we travel back in time and share our pregnancy and birth stories with the benefit of hindsight. Join us as we talk about medical decision-making, finding your trusted pregnancy and birth cheerleaders, and what we might have done differently. [listen to the episode]

Announcing LifeWork: A Business Podcast from the Life, Listened Network

We're thrilled to announce a brand new podcast from the Life, Listened network! Launching February 2016, LifeWork features entrepreneurs Dave Krock and Meagan Francis. Join Dave and Meagan as they discuss the intersection between work, life, and the things that matter most, with weekly interviews, tips and insights to help dreamers, doers, and self-starters scale up their businesses without losing their souls. [listen to the episode]

Take Better Photos Today, with Karen Walrond: The Home Hour, Episode 64

I've always wanted to learn to take better photos, but for years I've been stumped by settings and terms I didn't understand. ISO, shutter speed...it was just easier to stay in automatic mode and hope for the best (and usually, the results weren't even close to "the best.") I've read tons of photography tutorials, but they just left me more confused. If you're a similarly confused beginning photographer or even if you've got some experience but want to build on your skills, you're going to love this episode featuring Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks. [listen to the episode]