Supermarket Mastery & Steno Pad Recipes with Kyran Pittman – The Home Hour Episode 19

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Notice anything different up there?

Yep. The Kitchen Hour Podcast has a new look. Well, and a new name. It’s now The Home Hour Podcast, which I think does a better job of reflecting the show: a diverse combination of interviews and other content all related to home and family, from food to parenting to motherhood.

Plus, I realized that not everybody was listening to my podcast while making dinner! And if you want to listen to the show while you’re folding laundry or walking on the treadmill, who am I to say different?

I talk more about the change in the show, but for now, let’s get to today’s guest! I was thrilled to talk with my friend, author and blogger Kyran Pittman about grocery shopping, parenting, blending motherhood with writing, vintage cookery and more.

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Here are links to some things that came up during our talk:

  • Steno Pad Recipes – Kyran and I discussed a project she’s working on, recreating her late mother-in-law Millie’s recipes that Kyran found written on a steno pad after Millie passed away. (I really have to try the recipe for buttermilk fudge.)

steno pad recipe

Find Kyran online:

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One more thing! From now on, new podcasts will be coming out on Thursdays rather than Wednesdays. Jon usually works out of town on Tuesday, and the stress of trying to pull together the last minute details on that day proved to be too much. So…why not bump it a day, right?

I hope you love the new name and enjoy some of the changes I’m planning to roll out over the next month or two! Please let me know if you have feedback or questions in the comments.

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  1. Have you considered submitting your podcast to Stitcher? I’ve had so many problems listening to any podcasts through my iOS podcast app that I’ve given up completely and am listening to my shows almost exclusively through Stitcher. Maybe an upgrade (I’m due for one this summer) will fix this for me; until then, it’s Stitcher for me.

    Thank you for considering my request!

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