Helping kids cope in a busy, distracted world & finding your mom style: The Home Hour Episode 21

mindful parenting, kristen race

Our kids are living in a distraction-heavy, rushed world.

And as parents, it’s not always easy to find the balance between creating a soft place to land and also helping them cope with the realities of life today.

Today’s guest on The Home Hour Podcast is Kristen Race, Ph.D., a brain scientist, educator, and author of the new book Mindful ParentingRace offers parents research-tested mindfulness strategies that can help kids and parents learn how to cope with distractions, reduce anxiety and stress, and create happier, more peaceful homes. If you worry about the effects today’s world has on your kids,  you’ll definitely want to listen to our conversation on the podcast today.


If you love our discussion, you can find out more about Dr. Race’s work at her blog or find her on Facebook.

I’m also excited to announce that Shana Draugelis of Ain’t No Mom Jeans makes her first appearance on The Home Hour Podcast this week.

shana d

Shana will be coming on the show regularly to talk about fashion and style, particularly those topics that busy moms struggle with, like how to find clothes that look good on a post-baby body.

In future episodes, we’ll be discussing everything from finding the right pair of jeans for you to dressing for Disney World, but in our first show together we addressed a broader topic: does fashion matter? And if it does, how do you find and define your own personal style?

I think you’re really going to love what Shana has to say – and her awesome tips for helping to find your own sense of style. We’d also love to hear your style-related questions, so feel free to leave them in the comments or leave us a voice message and you might become part of a future show!

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After you listen to this week’s episode please let me know what you think.

Will you put Shana’s style tips into effect? What are your biggest fashion struggles? Did you learn anything from Dr. Race’s advice on being a more mindful parent?


  1. This most recent podcast is excellent! I love that you’ll have Shana on regularly. I found your blog through the ANMJ site. It’s great to hear her voice and explanation in a conversation format. Also, Kristen’s content is so interesting. I’ve never heard the medical explanation as to why deep breathing helps. She communicated so much meaningful content in a short period of time!

    • Thrilled you liked the show, Wendy! Shana and I had so much fun and I can’t wait to have her on again. And yes, Kristen’s information was so interesting and even sparked my Sunday post this week. Look for another great episode on Thursday!

  2. Really enjoyed the podcast. 1st time listener coming here from Ain’t No Mom Jeans. Thanks so much!

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