Doing what lights you up with Toni McLellan: The Home Hour Episode 23

Toni McLellan

What lights you up?

Is it drawing? Dancing? Coming up with business ideas? Working with kids? Cooking for your family?

If you haven’t yet tapped into the thing you really want to be doing most in this world – or know what it is, but are afraid to claim it out loud, you’re going to love my conversation with my friend, fellow writer and coach Toni McLellan.

You’ll really relate to my discussion with Toni if:

  • You’re the person who has started twelve different blogs but hasn’t been able to commit to any of them…(Toni’s got a story about this!)
  • if you’re always having good ideas…but you aren’t sure they’re the right good ideas for you.
  • If you’re trying to build a life and/or career you love.
  • if you’re curious about coaching (either working with one or working as one) and want the real scoop.
  • Check out Toni’s regular events and workshops, and be sure to sign up for her free weekly newsletter – it’s awesome.

And, I’m excited to announce that this week I’m introducing another expert co-host, Kate Hanley of! Kate will be coming on the show regularly to talk about wellness, stress relief, and other mind-body topics.

Today we’re talking about a big issue this time of year: how to boost immunity so we (adults and kids alike) don’t get every bug that goes around. 

kate hanley

Here are links to some of the resources Kate and I talked about this week:

  • Kefir grains! Kate and I discussed these probiotic starters you can grow at home to help boost immunity via your digestive system. Kate buys her, but if you’d rather shop at Amazon, here’s an option for Kefir grains. Kate also uses Stevia to sweeten.
  • Child Life Berry Flavored Vitamin D Drops – Vitamin D is an essential immunity booster and so many of us are deficient, particularly this time of year. Kate says her kids “line up like baby birds” for these berry-flavored drops.
  • Definitely check out Kate’s site, as well as her video coaching program, The Daily Unwind.

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