Living with Spice with Monica Bhide: The Home Hour Episode 25

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If you’ve ever wanted to add a little more spice to your cooking – or your life! – you’re going to love my conversation with Monica Bhide. In Episode 25 of The Home Hour Podcast, we discuss the influence of food on family culture, getting kids to try new and unfamiliar flavors, and the healing power of spices. We also talk about some exciting things Monica has coming up.

Also in today’s episode – Sarah Powers is back on the show, and the two of us are discussing birthday parties! Specifically, how much preparation and planning needs to go into creating a special child’s party? As usual, we don’t have the exact same approach but Sarah and I both agree that it’s usually best to do what feels most fun and low-stress for you.

Listen now!

Here are links to some of the resources Monica and I talked about during the show: 

And from my conversation with Sarah, here’s the post I promised about how Clara’s fifth birthday went down!

beach cake

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  1. Just downloaded the ebook. Great recipes. I have a few picked out to try this weekend. Thank you!!

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