Musician Mama Heather Reid PLUS Dressing For Your High School Reunion: The Home Hour Episode 27

Heather Reid Podcast Interview
I admit that whenever I find out that a professional actress, dancer, or musician is also a mom, I feel a little jolt of surprise. “How does she do it?” I wonder, for a half second imagining the life of a working performer to be so incredibly glamorous that it couldn’t possibly coincide with piles of laundry and Lego.

But then I get a dose of reality and remember that many people also consider the writing life to be impossibly glamorous, all about scribbling notes on napkins in coffee shops and having “a room of one’s own” (Sounds nice, Virginia Woolf, but it’s not the reality for most of us.)

It’s all about perspective, and the life of a working mother – especially those of who don’t have live-in nannies and household staff – is a tricky juggle regardless of what that work is.

heather reid

So I was so excited to talk with musician Heather Reid for today’s episode of The Home Hour Podcast.

In the show, Heather and I discuss her early roots as a member of the 90s alt-rock band The Murmurs, her transitions along the way (she wrote a musical!) and her life now as a working musician and the mother of twin 4-year-old boys.

Listen now! 

During the show you’ll get a taste of two songs, Ivy and Be Mine Tonight, from Heather’s debut solo album Cross Words. I love Heather’s music – it’s catchy, soulful and sweet, with themes of love and loss, redemption and resilience. In our discussion, Heather describes herself as an “optimist,” and that definitely comes across in her music.

You can check out the video for Ivy here:

In addition to Heather’s website, you can find her online at Twitter and Facebook. Check her out!

I’m also happy to bring back my friend Shana Draugelis of Ain’t No Mom Jeans for another style segment.

shana d
This time Shana and I talk about dressing for high school reunions: how to look effortless and great at the same time and how to use jewelry and accessories to make an outfit more or less dressy depending on the event. (Also, how to determine just how much to dress up or down!)

Shana also explains to me just what an “arm party” is. In case you didn’t know, here’s a photo of Shana rocking one of said “arm parties,” from a post on her blog about wearing black pants at a holiday party. Who knew there was such a festive name for wearing more than one bracelet at a time?

arm party!
It’s always so much fun talking with Shana and she gives great advice about dressing more fashionably – even for those of us who aren’t exactly “fashionistas.” (Ahem, me.) Look for her on her blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

As always, thanks for listening! If you’re a little confused by this whole “podcasting” thing, you might enjoy a post I wrote last week about my system for finding, organizing, and enjoying podcasts!

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