Two mothers. Two paths. Two real-life “Beyond Baby” stories. The Home Hour Episode 30

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Have you ever marveled at how many different paths are open to us over the course of our lives?

And that can lead to a lot of pressure – pressure to make the “right” choice, or fear of moving in the wrong direction.

Way back in my early days of motherhood, I joined an online parenting group that became my lifeline through the ins and outs of birth, breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, and discipline issues. Fifteen years later, I’m still friends with many of those women, though our lives have changed so much over the years. Some stopped after a baby or two and are now celebrating high school graduations or facing empty nests, while others grew their families through more births, adoption, or blending families. Some have started businesses, some have launched new careers, and others have embraced the role of homemaker even as their families aged and changed.

It’s shown me that there are so many ways to transition out of the baby years and create a life you love.

Today on The Home Hour Podcast, I’m interviewing two members of that original mom’s group: Sarah Wied Green and September Gerety. Both women have large families and fast-growing kids, and each has taken a very different path in her Beyond Baby years.
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sarah wied green

When Sarah Wied Green’s youngest child was elementary-school aged, she decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a foster parent. This led her – and her family – down a path they had never seen coming when they wound up adopting out of foster care. Sarah shares her compelling story – and tips for others who’ve considered becoming foster parents – in the first segment of today’s episode.

You can find Sarah online at her blog.

Some organizations and resources that Sarah recommends:

September Gerety

September Gerety took a very different course. After taking time off from teaching public school while her children were small – and trying a few other careers, like midwifery, on for size, Seppie wound up teaching again.

But this time, she quickly realized she wanted to pursue a larger opportunity in the education field. Now she she has a flexible, lucrative career providing coaching and professional development for early education programs. Seppie and I discuss how to make a mid-career change and the importance of networking, focusing, and finding a mentor in the second half of today’s show.

You can find September at her website.

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  1. I was a stay at home mom off and on when my daughter was a baby/ toddler and I felt just like the author. After awhile I decided that I needed to work a couple of days a week for my own sanity. My few hours a week paid for the part time preschool and little else but it made me a better, calmer and more attentive mom to my daughter. It’s so hard to be the constant caregiver. Hats off to those who can do it, I could not.

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