Spring Clean Your Finances with Kelly Whalen: The Home Hour Episode 31

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We’re well into spring, and for many of us with school-aged kids, summer break is almost here. Is your budget ready for the onslaught of camp options and kids begging for snacks all day? That’s just one of the things Kelly Whalen of The Centsible Life and I discuss in today’s episode, where she gives us some great tips for “spring cleaning” your finances, from home to work to kids.

First up, though, our regular style expert Shana Draugelis is here to answer a burning question: how do you find comfy summer shoes without succumbing to buying sports or “comfort” sandals? We also answer a listener’s question about what to wear with gladiator sandals (especially if you have shorter legs).

Listen now! Or, scroll down for more resources and links.

Show Resources:

First, from the intro – here’s a link to the story about my husband’s and my trip through Big Sur, which is partly responsible for my missing getting a podcast up last week! (It was totally worth it.)

Shana rocking a pair of patterned TOMS, one of her solutions for comfy summer shoes

Shana rocking a pair of patterned TOMS, one of her solutions for comfy summer shoes

Stylish Summer Shoes:

Shana gave lots of suggestions of comfortable summer shoes that don’t make you look like you’re going camping. Here are some of her favorites:

Planning Your Summer Budget:

Kelly wrote a fabulous post about 50 free (or nearly free) summer activities for kids. Use it to help you keep the kids busy without breaking the bank! You can also follow Kelly on Twitter.

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