How To Make Mom Friends : The Home Hour Episode 32

How to Make Mom Friends

Are you having trouble meeting other moms or building a strong real-life social circle?

In today’s episode of The Home Hour Podcast, Sarah (who claims I hired her to be my friend – wait, that’s not quite right…) and I discuss strategies for meeting other moms and taking those acquaintances from rushed chats in the preschool pick-up line to real friendships, and the benefits of looking beyond the obvious (moms of kids your own kids’ ages) and finding friends from all backgrounds. I also share some of my strategies for getting over a dinner-making rut.

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Here are links to the making-friends articles Sarah and I discussed, and the kitchen-amnesia post I mention during the intro:

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  1. I loved this and will share it with my readers at Project Me. 🙂 I am a huge advocate of mommy friendships and the important role it plays in our happiness. Having a great support group of like-minded mamas has been instrumental in my own personal growth. We keep each other motivated and top of our goals. I even wrote a blog about this subject this week! Hope you don’t mind me sharing it here, it’s too timely to resist! xx

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