Lunch-Making Tips & Ideas with Laura Fuentes of Momables: The Home Hour Episode 35 (Plus Giveaway!)

Laura Fuentes MOMables Interview

If you’re packing lunches for your kids this year, you might, like me, already be facing some logistical and creative hurdles. For example:

  • How do I keep cold food safely cold?
  • How do I keep warm foods appetizingly warm?
  • How do I fit all these packed lunchboxes inside my already-stuffed fridge?
  • And, how do I stay inspired while cranking out lunches day after day? Is there life beyond sandwiches?

In today’s episode of The Home Hour, Laura Fuentes, author of The Very Best Homemade Kids’ Lunches On The Planet and founder of lunch-planning subscription service Momables, answers all those questions and then some! (Also make sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to find out how to win a FREE three-month subscription to Momables!)


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In this episode Laura and I also talk about:

  • Laura’s strategy for packing breakfasts, snacks, AND lunches for her entire family!
  • Her career before having kids, and how she ended up creating Momables
  • What inspired Laura to make healthy, homemade lunches the focus of her blog and career
  • Laura’s favorite containers, carriers and lunch boxes
  • What it was like to appear on The Food Network’s Rewrapped (Want to find out if she won? Listen to the episode!)

Listen now! or keep reading for more resources I discussed with Laura AND a chance to win a three-month subscription to!

Some of the resources we discussed on the show:

I loved talking with Laura and I know you’re going to get so much good stuff out of this episode!

After you listen to the show, just leave a comment below to be entered to win a three-month subscription to Momables. (I’d love to hear about your favorite part of our interview!)

The contest will close on Tuesday, September 16 at 10 PM EST and a winner will be notified via email within 24 hours. Winners have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be selected.

Good luck! 

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  1. This was a great show! I loved Laura’s practical approach and it was inspiring to hear how she has turned this basic “mom skill” into a successful career.

  2. Love the show! I love the inspiration for lunches. I often just feel like I have no idea what to do for lunch.

  3. I liked so many ideas. The doubling up of lunch containers was a good tip. I also liked hearing about how to use a Thermos

  4. The nut-free suggestions were especially helpful! I really was impressed with Laura’s stories and her services.

  5. I’m a huge fan of your podcast — recently discovered you and went through the entire archive while doing dishes, making dinner, etc.
    This was a great episode. I really enjoyed hearing Laura’s story about how she created Momables. And all the lunch tips were great, too!

  6. What a great giveaway!

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