Can “Mean Moms” Raise Happy Kids? Denise Schipani On The Home Hour Episode 39

Mean Moms Rule Denise Schipani Interview

Has anyone ever told you that you’re a “mean mom?”

Today I’m happy to welcome my good friend, author and blogger Denise Schipani, who takes pride in her “mean mom” title.

Even though on the surface Denise and I might seem different (she’s the meanie and I’m all about the happy), in reality, we have a lot in common: we both love our kids like crazy, treasure family time, and gladly assume a role of authority in our homes.

So what does it really mean to be a “mean mom”, and how can it actually be good for kids? How can we learn to embrace the word “no”? And how can we move past the idea that we’re too busy and distracted to set limits and create family traditions?

This is an interview from the very early days of this podcast, when it was still called “The Kitchen Hour” and most of you weren’t listening yet. Since that episode somehow managed to fall off of iTunes and I can’t seem to get it back, I thought now was a great time to bring it back with some new commentary from yours truly.

Listen now! (Or scroll down to find links to some of the stories and resources we discussed in the show.)

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