Read-Aloud Revival With Sarah Mackenzie: The Home Hour Episode 41

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We all know we’re supposed to read to our kids every day, right?

But it can be easier said than done. Between tongue-twisting passages in picture books and toddlers crawling over you while you’re trying to read to older siblings, reading aloud is one of those things that can be kind of a drag for a busy mom…and it’s only too easy to let life get in the way and knock reading off the daily to-do list.

Today’s guest, Sarah Mackenzie from The Read-Aloud Revival podcast, has the antidote: a laid-back, just-do-what-you-can approach to creating a read-aloud culture in your home. As a homeschooling mom of six (including twins!) she definitely understands the obstacles parents can face when it comes to reading aloud regularly, and she has some great tips and ideas for making it easier, less stressful, and more fun for everyone.

Listen now! (Or scroll down to find links to some of the resources we discussed in the show.)

Get to know Sarah Mackenzie:

Some posts I mentioned in the intro:

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