Healthy Eating & Habits With Liz Della Croce: The Home Hour Episode 42

Liz Della Croce The Lemon Bowl The Home Hour Episode 42

With all the special diets trending right now, do you ever wonder what it really means to eat healthy?

According to today’s podcast guest, Liz Della Croce of The Lemon Bowl, it’s simple: eat foods packed with strong flavors, like citrus and herbs…and eat less of them. (Which is easier to do when food is packed with flavor!)

In today’s show Liz shares her 50-pound weight loss success story, tells us what she’s learned about creating healthy habits in the kitchen and beyond, and gives us a glimpse into her life as a food blogger. We discuss real strategies for getting dinner on the table with little kids in the house and how to break the drive-thru habit once and for all (hint: it starts in your kitchen.)

Listen now! (Or scroll down to find links to some of the resources we discussed in the show.)

Some of the cool stuff Liz & I discussed:

And, from my intro: take the Fall Deep Cleaning Challenge!



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