Working Mom, Traveling Mom With Carol Cain: The Home Hour Episode 51

Carol Cain, Girl Gone Travel, podcast
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel for a living? What if it meant taking your kids on exotic trips – and sometimes, leaving them home so you could do your job?

Building a career as a travel writer takes a lot of work and determination…and when you have a family, it also requires attention to the delicate balance between your career and what’s going on at home. Today I’m thrilled to talk to Carol Cain of about what’s really involved in being a travel writer with kids, how she keeps her kids involved in her career (and keeps them on board when they need to stay behind,) how she and her spouse keep the home fires burning while she’s away, and how she evolved her line presence from “mom blogger” to “travel blogger.” We also talk about parenting teens, buying a new house, and more!

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  1. Hello,
    I found your podcast through Stitcher! And I never seek out show to comment on but I had to tell you and your guest how much I enjoyed this episode. She is really interesting and I loved hearing from a mom with a outside the home job. Thanks!

  2. Love it, What an amazing holiday destination! Going to add it to my must-visit list!

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