Visiting “The Warm Heart of Africa” – The Home Hour Episode 60

Today on The Home Hour, we visit Malawi! Well, not literally, but vicariously through the stories of featured co-host Karen Walrond, who recently visited this gorgeous African country as part of a trip with One and Heifer International, two organizations that are doing great work in countries like Malawi. Find out more about the people of Malawi, the #ONEHeifer trip and how you can get involved with these great organizations in today’s episode. (Oh, and you’ll also hear about how Karen was almost eaten by a large toothy beast.)

When you’re done listening, make sure to also check out these posts from Karen about her trip (including some seriously gorgeous photography!):

The Warm Heart of Africa

Hippos, Warthogs and Crocodiles

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  1. intelligent, informative and funny. Great job ladies..

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