Take Better Photos Today, with Karen Walrond: The Home Hour, Episode 64

I’ve always wanted to learn to take better photos, but for years I’ve been stumped by settings and terms I didn’t understand. ISO, shutter speed…it was just easier to stay in automatic mode and hope for the best (and usually, the results weren’t even close to “the best.”) I’ve read tons of photography tutorials, but they just left me more confused. If you’re a similarly confused beginning photographer or even if you’ve got some experience but want to build on your skills, you’re going to love this episode featuring Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks

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Karen breaks down those confusing terms and ideas into fun concepts that are easy to remember, and gives great advice on what to focus on first if you’re overwhelmed.

We also talk about the importance of preserving family memories with actual hard copies of all those photos we take and more. Listen now or scroll down for links to resources we discussed on the show (including a discount on Karen’s ebook, Beginning Focus.)


Links and Resources:

  • Use the code HAPPYHOME through 12/31/15 for a 30% discount on Karen’s book Beginning Focus: On finding a camera, the basics of photography, and taking great shots
  • If you’re committed to actually printing out more of those digital pictures of your kids instead of just posting them to Instagram or burying them in your phone’s photo album, you might want to consider investing in a home photo printer. We recently got the Polaroid Zip printer and love it – it makes it super easy to wirelessly and instantly print pics from your phone.


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