Becoming Political, Thanks Mom and Dad: WhyPartisan, Episode 02

Paul and Kristen’s political origins story. Studies show that whether liberal, conservative, socialist, or anarchist, political affiliation and political intensity are often handed to us from outside factors like parents, socio-economic upbringing, race, and religion. In this episode, Kristen and Paul share about what brought them to opposite sides of the political spectrum.


  1. Very interesting and helpful to hear a little of your backgrounds, and how that has influenced and informed your thinking.

  2. Listener from Germany here! I stumbled upon your talks some months before the presidential election. My own awakening as a “political junkie” came in 2003, when I was an exchange student in the US and witnessed the beginning of the Iraq war in a Republican host family. (We lived in California, pretty much everyone else I knew was a Democrat.) I’ve been deeply interested in American politics ever since. These last months, that interest sometimes bordered on obsession as I just could not (cannot) believe the developments in the US. (Obviously, Trump’s actions impact the rest of the world deeply, as well – his horrendous decision to quit the Paris Climate Accord is just one example.) Your talks – well-informed, self-reflective, constructive, civilized – are, at least to me, evidence of a better, more united America. Thank you for that! Looking forward to more episodes.

  3. It’s crazy season here for sure and whatever it takes to try and bring civility! Thanks for listening and sharing!

  4. It’s crazy season here for sure and whatever it takes to try and bring civility!

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