Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty & What’s With This New Tax Bill?: WhyPartisan, Episode 07

Russia hacking into the election, obstruction of justice, collusion — no matter what one thinks, we now have a guilty plea from one of Trump’s own staff. With Flynn now cooperating with Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel, what could it all mean given President Trump still calling it a “hoax?” Also, Democrats call the new tax bill a “scam” which Republicans praise it. Who’s right? What does the bill even mean for our future? Kristen and Paul unpack a very busy week in politics.

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  1. I have a big problem with Paul characterizing the passage of the Affordable Care Act as “rammed through”. How is a bill that was discussed ad nauseum for months and included town hall meetings with white Republicans verbally assaulting the President rushed? There were committees and almost innumerable concessions made in order to get that bill passed. It was almost enraging to hear someone compare that process to a bill that was initially presented one week ago and still had illegible handwriting in the margins when it was put to a late night vote.

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