1. I want to see Meagan’s 5, 10, 15 minute list! I love that idea and need/want inspiration to build my own.

    • Melissa, it’s actually being overhauled because I’m finding that those tasks are changing now that I’m doing more podcasting and less blogging – but I’ll share when it’s done!

      An older one, when I was focused more on blogging and magazine writing, would have been something like this:

      5 Minutes:

      Look up an editor’s email address
      Create a draft for a new post in WordPress and write the first line
      Edit a few paragraphs from a recent post
      Answer a reader email

      10 Minutes:
      Share recent post on Facebook and Twitter
      Write intro and bullet points for article
      Respond to most recent reader comments

      15 Minutes:
      Create Pinterest-friendly image in Picmonkey
      Write message to email list
      Update media kit or sponsor page on site

  2. doing interviews inside closets, in cars, bathroom!!!…haha… so true…..

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