Healthy (And Productive!) Habits for Writing Moms: The Write-at-Home-Moms, Episode 2

Are you the mom who works on the sofa in a bathrobe all day, shoving chips in her face when she passes the kitchen…or do you get dressed in the morning, take a moment to make a reasonable lunch, and – gasp! – maybe even make time for regular exercise? Neither Jessica or Meagan have a perfect workday routine – that’s part of the reality of working from home, after all – but they’ve both made a lot of improvements over the years, and today they’re sharing their tips on building healthy habits into your work day to make you feel more energetic and get more done.


  1. I always, always forget to eat lunch! My husband has always laughed at me… how can you forget lunch! Um, because that’s the only time no one is talking to me! #naptime

  2. I’ve just started working from home (with kids in school/daycare), and this series has been incredibly helpful to me! On top of working from home, we’ve also moved to a new city. If you have any tips for meeting new people, so I can schedule those lunches and get out during the workday, that would be great. Also, the trader joes salad idea is genius! Thanks!

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