When, Why & How To Say “No” To Freelance Opportunites: The Write-At-Home-Moms, Episode 7

When you’re a new freelancer, saying “yes” to jobs and opportunities is often the only way to grow your business. But there comes a point when saying “no” is an essential, if uncomfortable, part of managing your workload and furthering your career.

In Episode 7, Meagan and Jessica share tips for knowing when it’s time to end a freelance job (or decline it in the first place), as well as their own experience finding the kind of work they love to do and weeding out the jobs that aren’t worth it in the end.


  1. Hi. Just wanted to say that I love your podcast! It’s exactly what I was looking for as an aspiring freelancer with a baby. Hope to hear lots more from you soon!

  2. Hello! I just want to tell y’all that your podcast series has been the most helpful one to which I’ve subscribed. I’m a freelance writer and photographer with two children under three, and every single episode has been super relatable and helpful. Please bring us more episodes!! I would love to hear about any systems or programs you use to be more efficient and organized. Or maybe how you generate content ideas. Thanks!

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