The Art of Risk with Kayt Sukel: LifeWork Episode 11

Is there such thing as a natural propensity toward risk-taking? Are successful people more (or less!) likely to be risk-takers themselves? In episode 11 of LifeWork, Meagan interviews Kayt Sukel, author of the new book The Art of Risk. Kayt’s insights into how the brain measures and judges risk can help anyone be a smarter and more calculated risk-taker, in business and in life.

Discussion Points:

  • How and why the teenage/young adult brain is wired for risk, and why that propensity tends to fade as we get older
  • What instinct (and isn’t) and why there is a lot more cognitive process involved in that “gut feeling” than you might realize
  • Why pro gamblers, extreme athletes and others who engage in what most consider risky behaviors may actually be very strategic in the way they take risks
  • How to measure risk in business and life

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