How To “Crush It” Without Crushing Yourself: LifeWork Episode 17

Is burnout the necessary price for success? No, but you’ll need to work hard. In Episode 17 of LifeWork, Meagan and Dave discuss “crushing it,” whether work-life balance is a myth, and why it pays to set up systems early that can help lighten your workload down the road.

Discussion Points & Links:

  • The inspiration for this topic, Damon Brown’s Inc article: Sacrificing Yourself For Your Business is Silly and Useless
  • Hero worship, Gary Vaynerchuk and different levels of success
  • Work/Life Balance: Truth or Myth?
  • How to set up systems that make work and life more streamlined
  • Is it possible to “crush it” hard for a few hours a day and see results?
  • Putting margin or “white space’ in your life to make room for the things that matter to you
  • Taking care of yourself by putting your non-negotiables on the schedule: hydration, sleep, relationships, good food.

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