How The Most Successful People Use Their Time: Interview with Laura Vanderkam, LifeWork Episode 2.4

Are we really as busy as we believe? And can getting real about the way we spend our time allow us to make better choices about how to use those precious minutes and hours instead of defaulting to mindless web surfing or unproductive “work” habits? In episode 2.4 of LifeWork, author and productivity expert Laura Vanderkam shares some of the surprising (and encouraging!) things she’s learned while researching the way people – particularly successful people – spend their time.

Show Topics & Notes: 

  • Are we really as busy as we believe we are?
  • How time logs reveal a surprising reality about the way we spend our days, hours, and minutes
  • The average mom with a full-time job sleeps more than 8 hours a day
  • The power of reframing your story
  • Focus on a week at a time, not a day at a time.
  • Why a “full time” job isn’t always as “full” as it may sound – if you work 40 hours a week and sleep 8 hours a night, that leaves 72 hours for other things.
  • Moving past “busy-ness” and finding (or creating) space for things you want to do.
  • Do morning people have an edge over night owls?
  • The difference between “working” and actually getting things done (and how to stop spinning your wheels)
  • How consciously adding fulfilling personal activities to your schedule can help add balance to your life
  • Common traits, rituals and systems successful people share
  • Using weekends mindfully
  • Lessons Laura learned from raising four children while growing a successful career

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