Should Your Personal Style Change Over Time? The Style Hour Episode 3

How does your personal style compare to what you wore a few years ago? Is “your style” something that’s just always, well, YOU, or does – and should! – it adapt, change and evolve over time? In this episode of The Style Hour, Meagan and Shana discuss some of Shana’s reader comments about her changing style, why and how she’s evolved over the years, and why stepping outside of your style comfort zone can be rewarding.


  1. LOVE listening to you guys. While I chuckled at the feedback Shana received about her style changing, I like the idea of breaking down an outfit. I don’t consider myself naturally stylish and would appreciate having a better understanding of why certain items are paired together.
    Please keep the podcasts coming, I hate having to wait for the next one.

  2. Yes! I believe it should and does adapt over time! Who wants to be (or dress like) the same person they were 25 years ago, or even five years ago?? Great episode again, ladies!

    One thought I had is about how we get out of touch with the latest styles when we start having children. I think that’s totally normal, and no big deal. And I think that in the most important and real ways, fashion and our outward appearance aren’t a huge deal. On the other hand, it’s fun to dress in a way that we feel matches our insides. It’s fun to express our inner selves in an outward way. And for me at least, I feel like I have more time and energy for that now that my youngest is 3.

    On a different, yet slightly related, note… My pregnancy wardrobes seemed cuter than my normal wardrobe. I think it’s because I was forced to buy new clothes, and not boxed in by what I already had.

    Anyway, thanks again, ladies! I love listening to you!

    • Heather, I love this comment. I totally agree that it’s so easy to get out of touch once you have kids….but in many ways, the lifestyle limitations (whether you’re pregnant, nursing, post-partum, whatever) create some seriously good opportunities to create a capsule wardrobe you LOVE. I’ve heard from several readers that their pregnancy wardrobe was WAY better than their real one. 🙂

  3. Love the podcast as always!

    I have enjoyed Shana’s blog for a few years now, and actually think we have very different styles and would rarely pick the same outfit while shopping. For one thing, we have totally different body types and for another we live in widely disparate climates. But that has never detracted from my being inspired by her looks, or those of her current co-bloggers. For one thing, there is always something that I can implement in my own look (either literally, or imaginatively derived from). For another, just seeing real moms still considering it relevant or “allowed” to dress awesomely and feel fabulous for who they are as individuals is totally important. And finally, I feel like my style is kind of a “what personality do I feel like expressing today” kind of thing…I liked what y’all said near the beginning about dressing for what you’re doing that day. Sometimes I want to be Audrey Hepburn. Sometimes I want to be a scandalous motorcycle girl (who actually would be way to scared to ride on a real motorcycle, at least if there were other actual moving vehicles around! And I have kids, so where would the sippy cups go? lol). Who is to say that we’re being inconsistent or “changing” when we’re merely expressing the many facets that make us unique and special.

    • LOVE this comment, Amy, and I agree 100%. Thank you so much and I’m glad you are loving the podcast!

  4. Thanks so much for discussing my question so thoroughly! I sincerely hope you know that my tone for that question was one of total and complete love for you and sadness for me not knowing how to read your blog anymore. I would never want you to think I was being critical, but rather that I am a super deep thinker who loves to have these kinds of discussions and knew you wouldn’t mind taking my question on. My takeaway from this was that I finally figured out the way to describe my style: Feminine Tomboy! That is exactly my style, exactly, and now that I have a description for it, it’ll be easier to read your blog and take inspiration from your style and translate that into my style. I’m super excited about that. I appreciate having you and Meagan to listen to, because who else is going to indulge my in-depth analysis of wearing clothing, for pete’s sake 😉

    • Sara, thank YOU for writing such a thoughtful question – it really sparked a great conversation. I’m really excited to see how Shana breaks it all down for us on her blog 🙂

  5. “remember when black pants were all that anyone wore? ” SO FUNNY – really enjoyed this podcast! your guys style conversation are a very fun listen!

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