Making Summer Silhouettes Work For You – The Style Hour, Episode 4

Do racerback tanks give you pause (bra straps!) Do you struggle with rocking sleeveless styles? Have you considered white flares, (one of Shana’s favorite looks for summer 2015)? Today Shana and Meagan discuss bra options for tricky tops and how to get over your racerback hangups ( Shana also discusses her favorite new look for summer 2015 – white denim flares. Meagan mostly just tries to keep up.

Listen now, then check out Shana’s picks below!


  1. This episode was so funny.
    Can you talk in a future show about how to take care of clothing to make them look better eg. How do you dry cardigans etc.

  2. I hate ties digging in to my back while I am driving too.

  3. I love this show. It never fails to make me laugh. 🙂 I love the white flares, and I think you’re starting to convince me about distressed denim, especially white distressed denim.

    Another topic to cover is, How many bras? How many do you have, how many do we need, and how do you store them? And, you mentioned Target bras… but I’m at the point now where I only buy a certain brand (Natori) and style that I know fits great/looks great on me. I should maybe try branching out, but time is a factor. I don’t have time to go try on.

    And that leads to another topic: How do you find time to try things on, and how do you buy clothes? I love mail order, but that leads to having to return the items that don’t fit, which I also don’t have time for. LOL 🙂

    Thanks again, ladies! I’m looking forward to the more frequent shows.

  4. Loved this, ladies! Like Heather (above), I always laugh out loud at this show. But I gain so much! I thought I’d share my favorite racerback bra. It’s actually just a convertible straps bra that I convert to the criss-cross back to wear with racerbacks. There’s some pretty detail on the straps and it comes in really fun colors/patterns, so I think it would qualify as one of Shana’s “show on purpose” bras. 🙂

  5. So how do spaghetti strap shirts and dresses fit in to summer silhouettes? Are they in the “strapless” danger zone?? In the past I have worn little spaghetti-strapped bralettes. They don’t give much support, but better than sad boobs 😉 The effect (I thought at least!) looks a little like layered tanks. I wouldn’t wear this out to a nice dinner or event, but do wander about just day-today. Or, if I’m totally off-base completely!

  6. I am really enjoying these. I am a long time reader of the mom edit, so it is great to hear Shana discuss fashion. I would love to listen to an episode about wardrobe management (purging, buying strategically) as well as “trend” episodes. Meagan, I love how you ask the questions I am wondering about and keep us laughing. Keep it up!

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