Traveling The World, Kids In Tow, with a Globetrotting Mama: The Home Hour Episode 28

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Have you ever dreamed of leaving everything behind and traveling the world with your children?

If so, you’re sure to love listening to my conversation with Heather Greenwood Davis, mom of two boys, travel writer and the creator of the blog Globetrotting Mama.  Two years (ish) ago, Heather, her husband and two kids embarked on a year-long journey around the globe, spending time in 29 continents and six countries. Her story is so inspiring for anyone who’s ever wanted to take a risk or do something unusual with their families – and definitely encouraged me to move those “can’ts” out of the way and create the kind of family life I want to live.

Listen now! 

Because Heather and I chatted so long – and I didn’t want to stop asking her questions! – there’s no guest host segment this week, but I did take a few minutes at the beginning of the show to talk about my new ebook, Beyond Baby: Creating A Life You Love When Your Kids Aren’t So Little, which launches two weeks from today. (gulp!) I talk a little about the process of self-publishing and how it’s different from traditional publishing, what you can expect from the book, and more.

I know you’re going to love this episode, so I’ll let you get to it. But be sure to follow Heather Greenwood Davis on Twitter and Facebook, in addition to reading her blog. You’ll be glad you did!

As always, thanks for listening! If you’re a little confused by this whole “podcasting” thing, you might enjoy a post I wrote recently about my system for finding, organizing, and enjoying podcasts!

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