Children’s Book Author Sarah Maizes: The Home Hour Episode 36

Sarah Maizes

Have you ever thought about writing a children’s book?

According to today’s guest, author Sarah Maizes, everyone has! (I might be the one exception to the rule, but hey, I’ve got a lot of life yet.)

If you’re curious about the process of getting a children’s book published, want to find out more about where children’s book authors get their inspiration, or just want to hear a very funny, engaging guest, you’re definitely going to want to listen to today’s show.

You’ll also find out more about Sarah’s fascinating journey from children’s book agent, to media executive, to stay-at-home mom, to stand-up comic, to children’s book author (whew!)

Listen now! (Or scroll down to find links to some of the stories and resources we discussed in the show!)

Some of the links Sarah and I discussed on The Home Hour today…

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And from my intro:

That’s it for this episode of The Home Hour. Hope you like the show – look for another next Thursday!

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